What You Need to Know About Silver Prices and the Fed QE Taper …
Many investors are worried about the impact on silver prices when the Fed starts its QE “taper,” but they're not taking this into consideration.(more)

ETFguide: How High Can Gold and Silver Climb?
Silver and gold have been on fire, but how do we know if this is the real deal? Since the beginning of August, silver is up over 23% and gold (NYSEARCA:GLD) over 7% and both metals have received heavy buying interest.(more)

Colloidal Silver, The Magical Cure (For Money) – The Awl
In 2002, RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan told a reporter from Blender about his post-9/11 health routine: drinking colloidal silver daily. "During the Black Plague, a lot of rich people didn't get sick… because of the metal intake—the …(more)

Your Trusted Dealer for Coins, Bars, Wafers ...

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