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The connection between quantitative easing and the gold price …
At first glance, it looks like reserve bank credit and the gold price are correlated, but what is really going on with this tandem is that they are both being pushed by the same force — a bad economy. It causes the Fed to print …(more)

Nick Barisheff: The Case For (Much) Higher Gold Prices | Zero Hedge
This interview was recorded three weeks ago. We've been unsure of how well-received an interview about "$10,000 gold" would be received while the yellow metal experiences its worst quarter, price-wise, in history.(more)

Gold price headed north of $2 000/oz, even $5 000/oz – gold bull …
NYSE- and TSX-listed McEwen Mining's chief owner Rob McEwen has plenty of faith that the gold price would within the next two years head north of $2 000/oz and even cross the $5 000/oz-mark in the not too distant future.(more)

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