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Gold Mining Stocks Are CHEAP Compared to Price of … – munKNEE
So far in 2011 gold prices have increased [approx. 8] percent.. while the stocks of gold [mining] companies in the HUI have… declined 13%…[As such,] this year's carnage has created a substantial opportunity to buy healthy …(more)

Gold price hits a three-year low | Mining Australia
Gold prices have dropped to a three-year low as the precious metal market continues through a massive correction phase.(more)

Startling Relationship Between Gold Price & U.S. Gov't Debt …
The price of gold, on a quarterly basis, is 86% correlated – yes, 86%! – to total government debt going back to 1975… and a shocking 98% over the past 15 years! [As such,] it would seem like a no-brainer investment thesis to …(more)

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