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Gold prices depend on market microstructure | vox
Gold prices depend on market microstructure. Stefano Ugolini, 5 July 2013. The current wave of monetary expansion by central banks has reignited calls for a return to the gold standard. But would this monetary system work <em>today(more)

Chavez's 70% Gold Bet Unravels as Reserves Plunge – Gold, Gold …
If current gold price levels continue, “then you will see an increase in perception that Venezuela's capacity to pay is weakening.” Central bank reserves fell below $25 billion last week from as much as $29.9 billion last year …(more)

Jim Rogers on the Current Gold Slide – FigaNews
Jim Rogers on the Current Gold Slide Gold investors continue to feel the pain today as gold prices are down for the seventh straight day. This is now th.(more)

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