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Large Fall in Gold and Silver Today – Miles Franklin
Bill Holter does the heavy lifting today. Bill gives you TWO insightful articles, courtesy of Miles Franklin. But I do have a few things to say about the large fall in gold and silver today, after Bernanke's meaningless comments.(more)

Today's Fed Meeting and Gold Prices – Money Morning
The relationship of today's Fed meeting and gold prices will be defined by Bernanke's taper plan. Here's what to expect this afternoon. Money Morning – Only The News You Can Profit From.(more)

Gold Prices Could Still Fall Another 25%! Here Are 3 Reasons Why …
The analysts over at ABN Amro Group are even more pessimistic. They predict that gold will drop to $900 by the end of next year. That's equal to a 25% dip from current prices. ~Bearish Sign #3: No Chinese or Indian Saviors(more)

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